Enigma Parfum Cologne Pour Homme 100 ml

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A fragrance which expertly balances the balsamic sweetness of Benzoin and Vanilla with the dry masculinity of Tobacco and Cognac, Enigma is an enticing experience which transforms any who wear it into a man of mystery and intrigue. An unusual effect occurs where the slightly powdery and Cherry-like tones of Heliotrope mingle with the mouth-watering quality of the Vanilla and Benzoin and appear to fizz, as the boozy splash of Cognac creates a delicious cocktail, which is enjoyed alongside a fine Cuban cigar, as the smoky tones of Tobacco are given a hot spark by the gentle spice notes of Cardamom, Ginger and Pepper.

KEY INGREDIENTS: Rose, Heliotrope, Cognac, Tobacco, Benzoin, Vanilla

“Shrouded in a swirl of Cognac and Tobacco, a suave figure sits cool and composed at the bar of a private members’ club - where the scent of Woods and Leather pervade. Dressed in a way that defies the club rules, this alluring presence is definitely unexpected. Why is he here? How did he get in? You cannot take your eye off this mysterious man. Warm touches of spice blend with soft Vanilla and Benzoin, which create a sense of ambiguity - nothing is quite what it seems.” - ROJA DOVE


Marke Roja Parfums
Herkunftsland Vereinigtes Königreich
Düfte Herrendüfte
Düfte Produktart Cologne
Größe / Gewicht 100 ml
Inhalt 100 ml


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