Vetiver Parfum Cologne Pour Homme 100 ml

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A fragrance dedicated to the sensory perfection of Vetiver - an oil obtained from the root of an exotic grass, which perfectly balances earthy, leathery and smoky tones, and as a result is a mainstay of masculine perfumery. Bright Citrus notes mingle with the vibrant green qualities of Galbanum and Celery Seed for a natural freshness, the earthiness of which is strengthened via both Cedar Wood and Needles, alongside a dry bed of Oakmoss. Touches of Pink Pepper, Caraway and Nutmeg swirl around a prominent note of Black Pepper, drawing out a smoky sensuality, whilst hiding in the shadows are the leathery notes of Cistus and Labdanum, which draw out the Vetiver’s inherent leathery assertiveness.

KEY INGREDIENTS: Lemon, Bergamot, Litsea Cubeba, Pepper, Oakmoss, Vetiver, Cedarwood, Cedar Needles

“There is no material in perfumery quite like Vetiver – it is at once earthy, smoky and leathery all in perfect harmony. Sophisticated and incredibly versatile, those who wear it are confident and self-assured – a presence in any room. Vibrant Citrus notes create a lively freshness around the dry warmth of Vetiver, whilst both Cedar Wood and Needles, and Oakmoss add heat and complexity. Everybody wants to be near him. It is the ultimate example of how a modern man should smell. The Vetiver wearer doesn’t provoke envy but instead, adoration.” - ROJA DOVE.


Marke Roja Parfums
Herkunftsland Vereinigtes Königreich
Düfte Herrendüfte
Düfte Produktart Cologne
Größe / Gewicht 100 ml
Inhalt 100 ml


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