Anhänger Python

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Pendent Cross XL white gold white diamonds

18 Kt Gold (g): 20

Caratage (cts): 3,92

The quintessence of the python that Cleopatra loved to coil around her wrists is captured here and transformed into jewellery for the third millennium. Architectured around the python’s serpentine scales, a necklace of lush diamonds mountings is punctuated by contrasting smooth bezel-set stones, plunging down to an eye-catching pendant. Scales ripple in mesmerising drops on the earlobes or accentuate the wrists with entrancing snakelike bracelets. Chiselled into bands, the python ring encircles the finger like a glittering shield, ready for new conquests.


Brand Akillis
Country of origin France
Material White gold
Precious stone Diamond


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