Cell Premium
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Cell Premium

Cell Premium is the world leading Swiss company that works on research, development and production of premium cosmetic products.

Cell Premium products are selected and manufactured according to the highest standards of Swiss quality and compatibility. Cell Premium skincare products optimally combine a long- standing tradition in advanced cosmetics with the latest scientific research.

As the body’s largest sensory organ, the skin needs special attention and care. A highly effective Anti-Aging-Care with the best out of plant-based stem cell research – High-tech from apples, berries, argan and alpine roses. Cell Premium invests substantially in scientific research and product development based on the newest active agents and ingredients from leading Swiss biochemical laboratories.

Cell premium creme activate the collagen production and regenerate skin stem cells. The result: Wrinkles, lines and light-based changes are reduced visibly. The unique liposome-technology makes the delayed release of the active agents possible. The ingredients will be released over a longer period. Only cell premium uses PhytoCellTec forte Dr. Gerny in combination with plant-based stem cells, which reach both, the epidermal and deeper dermal stem cells, to activate and protect them.

The founder and the owner of Cell Premium Dr. med. Harald Gerny says “As a practicing Swiss dermatologist, I have been working for more than 25 years with my company, Med Beauty Swiss, and a team of leading specialist to prevent the signs of skin aging. With cell premium we give you an innovative, scientifically convincing and effective approach that outperforms all other anti-aging products. cell premium combines the impressive capabilities of medical cosmetics with the basic principles of cosmetics – to achieve skin results that can be seen and felt immediately. Using a patented Swiss manufacturing process, exquisite plant stem cells derived from apple, grape, argan and alpine rose are united to create a gentle and particularly skin-friendly texture to activate, protect and regenerate the skin's stem cells”