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Clive Christian

Clive Christian Perfume is the world’s leading independent Perfume House. From the sparkle of each chandelier teardrop to the breathless luxury captured in every crown-topped fragrance, Clive Christian is the pursuit of passion and perfection. Beauty, indulgence and timeless elegance, it’s an empire built with a global mind-set and British heart. All Clive Christian Perfumes contain between 20-25% pure perfume and are made using the finest ingredients from around the globe. Clive Christian turned his unwavering focus and desire to create toward luxury fragrances, with a view to revive the industry by bringing the same artistic beauty and attention to detail that had made his interior designs so sought after.

Both following and paving the path of luxury, Clive Christian seized the opportunity to purchase the Crown Perfumery Company in 1999, and established Clive Christian Perfume.
Truly, a match formed in a hedonist’s heaven: an empire driven by splendour and British history acquiring the only perfumery given the right by Queen Victoria herself to use the image of her crown, in turn bestowing Clive Christian with the now world-renowned crown bottle-stoppers.
The iconic crown image only further symbolizes Clive Christian’s exclusivity, regal feel and British pride, embellishing each hypnotic perfume scent with a touch of magnificence. The only demand behind each luxury fragrance was sheer perfection. The finest ingredients, the rarest temptations of the senses, exhilarating and enthralling all at once.

The world-famous perfume of its manufacture is the most luxurious and expensive in the market. Clive Christian No.1 describes him as an art form like music and painting. In honor of the golden throne jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, he himself created the right bottle of his first fragrance. The shape of a tiara of the bottle with a golden cuff is considerably as refined beauty of the noble perfume. A great value was also placed on the packaging of the fragrance. "Imperial Majesty" is presented in a unique ebony casket, designed with red velvet and fine gold and platinum embossing.

Since 1872, Clive Christian has become the official imperial salt and perfume supplier of the head of the Kingdom of Great Britain. For its collections the most exquisite and expensive aromas from all over the world are brought together. For both women and men, Clive Christian offers complex interplay of fragrances for true perfumers.

Like the No.1, the 50ml bottles of this series is also adorn with an elegant crown. This reflects both the quality and the value of the products. Clive Christian is the luxury brand that has the secret of the most precious perfume in the world.