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Medical Beauty Research (MBR) is the German premium brand producing a wide range of cosmetic products. MBR has been based out of the state-recognised therapeutic spa town of Bad Schlema since 2000. With its tradition-rich history, the state of Saxony understands perfectly how to „combine the past with the future“.

Cosmetics from MBR are associated with innovation as well as with tradition, effectiveness and tolerance, functionality, reliability and long-lasting effects.
The global active principle of all MBR products produces a multitude of epidermal, dermal and cosmetic effects, which only together make the perfection of this exceptional brand.
It is part of MBR‘s philosophy only to use the best ingredients in the highest possible concentration while ensuring optimum skin compatibility under strict adherence to these guidelines. MBR is the result of intensive research by leading dermatologists and aesthetics physicians. Part of the MBR philosophy is to use only the best ingredients in the highest possible concentrations without sacrificing skin tolerance, all strictly according to the most recent pharmaceutical directives and regulations. MBR is setting new standards in this area. MBR products have always been developed in collaboration with recognised experts in the fields of plastic surgery and dermatology, biochemistry, toxicology and microbiology and formulation technology.
The focus on research and development has necessarily resulted in a product selection that is directed toward core solutions to the problems. Consideration of the cost of the formulas essentially plays no role during development. The members of the MBR development team are completely free to decide on any active ingredient combinations and formula variants.

As a result, they sometimes pursue flagrantly expensive yet highly synergetic principles that are quite unique throughout the world in this way. The goal is always to achieve the best possible results.
MBR high-end concept care is a clear departure from all previous cosmetic lines.

Uniformly smooth skin, groomed contours and a youthful appearance – achieving and maintaining this goal is the task of MBR skin care.
Specially developed product lines and balanced treatment methods are adapted to the individual needs of the skin and offer optimal treatment, protection and lasting care for skin in any condition. MBR places top priority on reliability in terms of the results strived for. This applies to the degree of penetration, the concentration and the length of time of activity of the molecules, which all play a decisive role. To get to the heart of this, MBR uses a simple yet effective principle for combining all effects.