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Moët & Chandon

Moët & Chandon is a French fine winery and co-owner of the luxury goods company LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton SE. Moët et Chandon is one of the world's largest champagne producers and a prominent champagne house.
The pioneering spirit has always defined Moët & Chandon, in every arena from viniculture to new ways of celebrating with champagne. It all began with Moët & Chandon founder Claude Moët’s vision of transforming a prestigious but little known regional wine into a favourite of cosmopolitans and courtiers throughout Europe. His grandson Jean-Rémy Moët set out to conquer the market and soon transformed Moët & Chandon into an international symbol of celebration, accomplishing his lifelong goal of “sharing the magic of champagne with the world. ”Moët has been associated with the sparkle of success and glamour ever since the House was founded. A man with a true spirit of achievement and leadership, it is to him we owe our reputation as the world’s most loved champagne.

The Marquise de Pompadour, mistress of King Louis XV of France, one of the most powerful women of her time and a highly influential tastemaker, helped make Moët & Chandon champagne the wine of choice throughout Europe’s royal courts. Inspired by her love of Moët & Chandon, she declared, “Champagne is the only wine in the world that makes every woman beautiful.”

Moët Imperial, the House’s flagship champagne, owes its name to Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. Napoleon visited estates in Epernay numerous times and awarded Jean-Remy Moët one of France’s highest honours, the medal of the Légion d’honneur. Legend has it that Napoleon and his troops invented the tradition of sabering open bottles of Moët to celebrate victory.

The legendary Moët & Chandon is celebrating 270 years as the world’s most loved champagne. For over a quarter of a millennium, the renowned French winemaker has been sharing the magic of champagne across the globe. Every glass overflows with the House’s hallmark values of history, generosity, savoir-faire, success, boldness and elegance—values still at the heart of its global appeal. Moët et Chandon today owns 1,190 hectares of vineyards, and annually produces approximately 28,000,000 bottles of champagne.
Celebrating life’s triumphant moments with elegance, extraversion and sensorial pleasure is the essence of Moët & Chandon. From Napoleon’s conquests to royal weddings, from Hollywood’s most dazzling event, the Oscars, to its most exclusive private parties, we are devoted to honouring accomplishment.