Today we have a rare opportunity to have an interview with the founder of luxury innovative Hungarian company and one of the best skin care brands in the entire world, Dr Edina Hazi. 


Many thanks for finding the time in your day for the interview with us! How would you describe DRHAZI brand in three words and why?  

Hightech Natural - the cream that become skin. 

DRHAZI is a Hungarian Cosmetics Manufactory specializes in developing highly effective cosmetic formulations for demanding skin. Our products stand for unique combinations of natural ingredients and latest, scientifically proven natural high-tech ingredients. We use ingredients of the highest concentration to cover any skin type. 


Tell us more about your study and research in younger years, the way to success and the hard truth behind it. 

After 10 years of pharmaceutical sales and marketing experience, a conscious lifestyle choice led me to the world of cosmetics. I was coping with serious skin conditions and finally, even my facial skin became extremely sensitive. I was unable to use any facial creams, despite the fact that I tried a number of natural and organic products. 

Due to my analytical nature and perfectionism, I expanded my knowledge on the field and examined the products available on the world market with a professional eye. I performed a detailed analysis of the various goods and closely scrutinized the marketing activities of various manufacturing firms. 

The experiences of my initial research led to surprising results: 

• traditional cosmetic products are filled with chemicals
• many natural and organic cosmetic products contain chemicals which the facial skin can’t tolerate for long
• natural and organic products usually contain very low levels of intensive active agents
• most cosmetics aren’t produced with an appropriate degree of professionalism, but are rather led by profit
• the prices of the various cosmetic products are determined by the marketing and not the quality of the goods
• the balance of the skin cannot be restored by purely nourishing cosmetics – this requires special cellular regenerative products
• 99 percent of the cosmetics currently available on the market are produced as nourishing cosmetics, whilst there is less than 1 percent of active, dermatological cosmetics which can influence the skin’s structure and function on the cellular level. 

I believe that one of the preconditions for developing a health-conscious practice of skincare is to solely use products in cosmetics which are proven to have a beneficial effect. A chemical-free approach is a fundamental requirement which allows the inclusion of cell rejuvenate active agents in the cosmetics. As long as cosmetic products contain chemicals, the use of cellular-level active agents, such us vitamins and beautifying substances, such as hyaluronic acid, collagen, ceramides, bio high-tech signal peptides is particularly harmful as the chemicals pervade the deep tissue too. If the cosmetics are absorbed deep enaugh with the liposome, the chemicals will also take effect, even if the damage they cause to the cells isn’t immediately apparent. The goal is to achieve the strongest effect, but in the direction of beauty! 


How can you convince new clients that DRHAZI products represent an entirely new branch of beauty care and they should give it a favor?

High Tech natural cosmetics combines the concepts of organic ingredients and high-tech effect, like this the DRHAZI products represent an entirely new branch of beauty care. As they’re 100% natural, active agent cosmetics, they are also unique, professional, cellular-level medicosmetics – a transition between cosmetics and dermatology.

The active agents of this selection offer the perfect solution to achieve a rapid and visible anti-aging effect. These include rejuvenating plant substances that help mature skin regain its beauty and radiation. 

The particular signal peptides, colloid noble metals crystals and skin-identical active agents rejuvenate the skin cells and redevelop the cellular matrix, resulting in the spectacular rejuvenation of the skin.

A luxurious rejuvenating cream rejuvenates the face with the power of 15 types of biotech signal peptides, 6 types of colloidal crystals and 54 types of active plant ingredients.

The high-tech cosmetics have a holistic effect, affect all levels of the skin, build the connective tissue and relax the mimic muscle system of the face and have an immediate anti-wrinkle effect.

The use of our products results in healthy, optimally functioning skin structure and radiantly beautiful skin.

Tell us something that is true about cosmetics, that not many people agree with you on. 

If we want to achieve a strong, deep rejuvenating effect on the face, we cannot use synthetic chemicals. Not even a small amount. Chemical preservatives, perfumes and chemical sunscreens are the strongest skin aging factors. With the biotechnological active ingredients, we aim for an effect at the cellular level, especially if we strengthen the effect with a liposome, the basic requirement is a skin-identical, chemical-free formula. This is one of the main DRHAZI innovations, 100% natural, beneficial facial rejuvenation. 


DRHAZI strives for perfection. How do you manage to do it in the time of hard competition on this market? 

We produce special cosmetics that are unique in the world. Fortunately, we have no competitors on the market. Our main goal is for as many people as possible to get to know high-tech natural at a deep level, our articles and the extensive descriptions of the active ingredients and products help with this. 


Who supports you in the further development of DRHAZI and whose opinion are of the most value?  

I am in close contact with biotech active ingredient manufacturers. I constantly follow their latest developments and immediately incorporate them into cosmetics if they catch my attention. Thus, the development of cosmetics is also continuous, becoming more and more effective every year.


How much time and work are behind your creations?

I think I've been preparing for this as long as I've been alive. The knowledge I gained at the medical school, pharmacy, and my later knowledge of naturopathy are also very useful in my work. The results of 12 years of dermatological testing are the formulas with which we achieve the highest efficiency, and the skin perfectly tolerates high-dose rejuvenation. 100% active ingredient sealed in a jar.

What are your other hobbies and interests that inspire you? 

I am interested in all branches of alternative medicine, I am happy to train myself. I also garden, I grow raised beds in our organic garden, but I also really like flowers. Sport is also part of my life, although I have much less time for it than I would like. I enjoy playing golf, it relaxes me, I can switch off completely.

Where do you see the company in 15 years’ time?  

I would like the DRHAZI® brand to become known worldwide.

I would like to establish a DRHAZI facial rejuvenation organic clinic, where we can rejuvenate the entire body, not just the face, with a holistic approach.


Mrs. Hazi, what would you like to suggest to the clients of the luxury cosmetics sector and to the clients of BREGNER Luxury & Lifestyle in particular?  

Perhaps the most important thing is that when choosing a cosmetic brand, luxury marketing and professional advertising should not be the deciding factor. The content should be the most important. The valuable, luxurious active ingredients and the effectiveness of the formulas make a cream or serum truly premium. 

If you want beautiful skin, be careful not to use chemical sunscreens, perfume-scented cosmetics and silicone-containing cosmetics. On the other hand, with hightech natural cosmetics, our skin is getting more and more beautiful every year.


Mrs. Hazi, many thanks for the interview, we do appreciate it. We wish you and your brand every success in the future!