Good afternoon Mr. Houdek. Thank you for taking time to meet with us. First of all our customers are interested in the history of your brand. Please tell us about it. 

How did you choose the name for your brand? 

It all started back in 2004, when my wife and I decided to establish a studio. At that time it seemed obvious to name it using the initials of our names Houdek and Gebyová. Since then we have been working under the name HG Atelier. Today it's not just me and my wife, but also a whole team of employees involved in design, graphics, production and engineering process.

How did you come up with the design ideas? Are you a devoted art lover? 

For me, it was the only possible way after graduation, when my wife and I had dreams of realizing our own creative activity. I have always been fascinated by the combination of art, design and craft, three things that often do not mean the same.

How is your brand different from other new brands?

The perfect combination of design and craftmanship.  Our products differ not only in design, but also in manufacturing prowess which is reflected in attention to every detail. I never stop loving my work. I become familiar with the forgotten  techniques and I learn new things almost every day.

Is it all-in-one place manufacturing process of producing lighting items, or are you cooperating with another company that assembles "electricity wiring" for chandeliers and lamps?

We always try to produce everything all-in-one place. We use the highest quality materials, so that our products please more than one generation enjoying the light of our chandeliers. In case we need assistance of other manufacturers, we are collaborating with the best ones. As for the electric wiring, we meet all the requirements and any of our customers can easily find details in a nearby electrical shop.

What countries are your main targets ? 

Our main market is still the Czech Republic. Over the years we have been fortunate to be surrounded by connoisseurs of arts and crafts and I am glad that our popularity is growing every year. We are well represented in the Benelux countries and also among the yachts owners from different parts of Europe.

How does the design development process take place and how long does it take to create a collection?

You know, in the times of communication and travel flow it is difficult to stop and capture the outlines of the idea, so I carry a diary with me where I try to note all fresh thoughts. It is full of sketches, which are brought to life later. It makes me happy when a miracle happens and a real interior item is born from the sketch. In general, it lasts a year from the sketch to the final product to appear. The only exceptions are individual orders when the term is reduced to three to four months.

Who supports you most in the brand development? Whose opinion do you listen to?

Unfortunately….or thank God, there was nobody who gave me a helping hand while developing HG Atelier. We had our ups and downs, but the dream of creating a brand was strong enough not to feel like we needed any help. In the most difficult moments, my family and parents supported me and I am grateful to them. While we were growing up I learned to listen to the opinion of all seniors, especially to the opinion of experienced craftsmen, they are a wealth of knowledge.

What inspires you to create new collections?

It is the light around us and the nature itself.  It contains everything…just stop and have a look… we are just trying to create a quality copy of it..)

How would you describe HG Atelier in three words?

Love, obsession-to-detail, accuracy

We know that at the end of May 2018 in Prague there is an exhibition related to your atelier and bicycles. Where does this idea come from? Do you have anything to do with cycling?

I was a passionate bicyclist. I used to compete in the Czech Republic, although at that time it was still Czechoslovakia and it was under a socialist system))) It seemed to me that combining art, sport, glass, light and metals is incompatible - it inspired me to create this exposition, which you can see in the gallery Kvalitar in Prague from May 24 to September. I gladly invite to it. We worked over this project together with the whole team and my brother Lukash, a fresh graduate of the Prague Academy of Arts.

Do you have your own boutique, or you only accept orders?

Part of our studio is the showroom where our products are exposed.

Tell us, something true in your opinion, which almost no one agrees with.

This is an interesting question, this idea has never occured to me. Maybe this one - a good design should have a high-quality performance.

If we were to say to a bunch of people, who know you well, “Give me three adjectives that best describe Mr. Houdek”, what would we hear? 

Hard-working, nature-loving and a little weird)))

Could you tell us about the time when you almost gave up, how you felt about that, and what you did instead of giving up?

I had a lot of moments like that! But then I always thought, damn it, it´s got to work and I went on. Today I'm very happy that I found strength in myself.

What are other interests and hobbies that inspire you? Maybe you collect watches or something else?

I love bicycles. In our studio there is an interesting collection of old bicycles from various competitions, which I sometimes repair myself. I enjoy such simple things as delicious food, wine, women and all kinds of art. I also have a good collection of old and new watches.

Mr. Houdek, what would you like to suggest and to wish the clients of luxury sector and to the clients of BREGNER Luxury & Lifestyle in particular?

I would like to wish the respected customers and friends of BREGNER to enjoy the comforts of life and may our products bring happiness to your home…as in each copy ... we leave a part of ourselves.

Mr. Houdek, many thanks for the interview, we do appreciate it. We wish you and your company every success in the future and all the best in your new discoveries!