Today we have a great opportunity to have an interview with an outstanding designer and the owner of the company named after her famous father Frank Meisler.

Dear Mrs. Marit Meisler, many thanks for finding a gap in your schedule for the interview to BREGNER Luxury and Lifestyle.

Your works have been exhibited in Jewish Museums in New-York, Berlin, San Francisco and Philadelphia. You have been teaching at the Pratt Institute in New York and at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem. What motivates you and what’s your vision of success and failure?

 In my household growing up, my father was an artist and my mother was a businesswoman. She was the powerful force behind the success that he became. I aspire to be both. I wish to continue to be creative and at the same time make the right business decisions. Today, I also aspire to merge my personal aspirations with my father’s legacy and take the brand forward to its next generation.

What was it like going back to Jaffa, Israel after living and working for so many years in New York? Have you faced any major challenges upon your return? If yes, how did you handle them?      

My time in New York was outstanding. There is nothing like feeling at home in such an amazing city and the experiences there broadened my knowledge and perspective. Returning to Israel was about deciding to raise our children "back home" with our families, friends and with a sense of cultural belonging. It was definitely a challenging transition, but my family helped make it a smooth. 

Your father was a world famous architect and sculptor, who created renowned memorials such as Berlin’s “Trains to Life” and London’s “Grand Alliance among the Big Three”, leaders in Sotschi Russia and Ben-Gurion Memorial in Israel. How did his dramatic life experiences influence his extraordinary creativity?          

My father's childhood story as a holocaust survivor on the kindertransport rescue effort drove him and fostered his desire to succeed. His life experiences help developed very special characteristics. He was fascinating, smart, funny and charming man. These characteristics were reflected in his art too. 

Frank Meisler presented his sculptures by personally to many world political figures including Charles, Prince of Wales, US President Bill Clinton, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, King Hussein of Jordan, Israeli President Shimon Peres, as well as Pope Francis and the Dalai Lama. Have you ever accompanied your father to such an event? If yes, how would you describe this experience?        

As a child I grew up sleeping under Ambassadors’ tables. I was often taken along to these events and my parents loved nothing more than to host people from all over the world in their home in Jaffa. It was always a wonderful experience accompanying them around the world to such momentous events. It gave me a huge sense of pride and we enjoyed many special moments together. 

Today, Frank Meisler is commissioned to create exclusive gifts and custom statues for renowned people. If we could catch a glimpse of the secret interplay, who are the public figures ordering custom-made projects? And what role do custom projects play for the company?

Last July President Mirziyoyev of Uzbekistan gifted President Lukashenko of Belarus - a statue of President Lukashenko playing hockey. Many of our projects are indeed discrete but I’m able to boast that one of the three top world leaders of today has a Frank Meisler personalized sculpture of himself. I’ll leave it to you to guess which one. 

All of your sculptures undergo a comprehensive creative process paying the utmost attention to detail and quality. Most of the pieces are made of Metal alloys with silver and gold plated elements. What are the other special materials and processes do you offer?       

Our techniques incorporate many different processes for model making as well as different metal casting techniques and materials. We also have different handcrafted detailing processes. Apart from the silver and gold palette which is the majority of our work, we also make sculptures in bronze.  

How long does it take to produce a customized sculpture - from the very first sketch until the final product is released?      

It really depends on the complexity and the client's requests but the average project usually takes between 4-6 months. Sometimes we shorten it by customizing only particular features or other small details. Very large projects can take over a year. 

Most of your company ́s works devoted to Judaica and Jewish heritage. What policies would you implement to ensure company diversity?         

Our Judaica line is about a third of our sales. Our professions, portraits and animals are the most popular as everyone can relate to them. We have great diversity with variety of themes and we plan to expand them with time too. 

Who supports you in the further development of your company and whose opinions are of the most value? 

I have an amazing crew. Some have been in the Atelier and workshop since the 1960's, most have worked here for over 25 years and some of the new workers and consultants came with me from my previous business. The amount of knowledge and experience of our team is outstanding and I take their council before making final decisions.  

Where do you see your company in ten years’ time?          

I want to have a prosperous gallery with many stores worldwide selling our pieces. I plan to bring our designs to the Far East. I also plan to do amazing collaborations with other designers and artists. 

Mrs. Meisler, what would you like to suggest to the clients of luxury sector and to the clients of BREGNER Luxury & Lifestyle in particular? 

I invite you to view the Bregner catalog of items and explore our variety of subjects, or approach Bregner to bring your custom designs to life. If you find yourself in the beautiful alleys of the old city of Jaffa you are welcome to come and meet me in person.