All art is created to be displayed and admired. Only a small percentage of art possesses real timeless value. The artworks by Lalique is the perfect example of such value and is in the current consciousness of collectors. Rene Lalique’s exquisite glass art pieces can be found in many of the top art galleries around the world, including New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art and Paris’ Musée d’Orsay. The collecting tendency does not stop with museums, though. Private collectors have also recognized the value of Lalique glasswork as an art investment, and there are some main reasons that thousands of Lalique masterpieces have changed owners at auction over the last years. Auction prices for Lalique glass has never crashed, even in the times of financial crises. 

The company has a very healthy aspect: collectors hung on to Lalique pieces instead of dumping them back onto the market. This is a very clear indication of loyalty. “What draws collectors is Lalique’s vision of how the natural world could be brought to life,” says Mark Oliver, Bonhams’ international auction house director of 20th-Century Decorative Arts. “The market for Lalique is still very strong internationally because the pieces always have an investment edge. “Prices continue to rise, especially for rarer pieces, and even a standard design increases steadily in value,” says London dealer Raul Arantes. “I bought a Ceylon vase 20 years ago for £500. Two years ago I was selling this design for about £3,000 and today you’d pay £4,500.” 

The older objects vary in specific ways that are well-known to collectors, who can be fervent in their devotion to the brand. The renowned craftsmanship and unique artistry of Rene Lalique’s glass continues to this day through Lalique. The vases, glasses and decor created by the Lalique company provide you with the option of joining the old with the new to integrate your original Lalique’s into your home’s design. As long as Lalique’s artwork is sought after, it will remain a good investment, and the demand for Lalique’s at auction proves the demand for Lalique, which is sincerely high.