Vase GM Rouge & Or Arum 42 cm

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The beautiful Arum collection is enriched with a festively dressed vase: a large ruby vase accentuated with a gold leaf gilding, which enhances its delicate corolla. This unique new piece will brighten up the holiday season. The red gilded Arum vase comes in a limited edition of 50 pieces. An exceptional know-how is revealed through this precious series: the difficulty of obtaining this particular ruby red tone, and the meticulous work of the gold leaf applied by hand unveiling an ancestral technique.


Brand Daum
Country of origin France
Material Crystal
Size / Weight 28,5 × 28,5 × 42 cm
Color Red
Limited 50 ex.


Details Each fragile item is carefuly packed and the number of goods in the parcels is checked. Please note that some products have an increased delivery time due to the fact that we are connected with the delivery deadlines of the producers.

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