Reviving mit Biological Scrub 65ml

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Anti-aging hand cream
With an expert formulation designed to protect the skin and lock in anti-aging action, Hand 24 Hour hydrates, repairs, comforts and protects the skin to fight the visible signs of time. The nourishing cream combines anti-aging & repairing ingredients with four nutritive oils (macadamia, avocado, grapeseed and shea butter) in a super creamy and extra soft formulation that melts onto the skin like an invisible glove, penetrating deeply without residual stickiness. Hands emerge silky smooth, supple and well-protected in every season.
Instantly envelops and protects hands like a poly-active glove
With a single application, this luxurious poly-active cream delivers instant efficacy, protecting and repairing the skin's barrier for up to 24 hours. With repeated use, it progressively hydrates and restores the skin to make the hands look and feel softer and younger.
Fights the visible signs of time
01. Moisturizes immediately and progressively
02. Nourishes the epidermis
03. Repairs the skin
What you put on your skin matters

Helps maintain and stimulate the skin's vital functions.

Liposome RNA
Bioactivator driving cellular activity.

Macadamia, shea, grape seed and avocado oil
Delivers concentrated softness, suppleness and comfort.



Brand Valmont
Country of origin Switzerland
Size / Weight 75 ml
Face care Peeling
Volume 75 ml


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