Interior Design Studio
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Interior Design Studio

BREGNER Luxury & Lifestyle Interior Design Studio has been defining the trend for the transformation of luxury penthouses and luxury villas around the world for several years. Determining the functions of the room, our in-house team of experienced designers sets a certain vibe by placing accents on the chic interior. 

By attending world-class design exhibitions and staying in contact with renowned European designers and architects, we instantly respond to the aesthetic and social trends in the world of luxury interiors. Working directly with all premium manufacturers, we are able to order any product even before the collections are released. 

BREGNER Luxury & Lifestyle designers focus all their efforts on creating a holistic design that affects the functionality and cosiness of living space, creating the idyll and integrity of architecture and luxury. The geometry of elite French furniture and products made of crystal… Italian luxury decor and lighting….Spanish premium porcelain and American designer accessories for home….German silver cutlery and English exclusive plumbing complements the proportions and forms of the architectural ensemble, implementing your ideas in the interior, making all the necessary touches and creating the necessary stylistics. 

Design project implementation is a multi-stage process that requires high control. Together with construction engineers, we monitor the technical execution of the project, advise the customer on the selection of materials, control measurements and installation of built-in furniture, lighting and technical equipment. Execution of BREGNER Luxury & Lifestyle projects on design of elite interiors is a meticulous and creative work. The designer individually works with you and the object, with its technical characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, which allows you to set up an effective and coordinated work to meet your expectations. 

When working on our design projects, we provide the following stages: 

- planning solutions and author's supervision
- project budget evaluation
- volume and graphic 3D design development, color and artistic solutions
- selection of furniture, decor, home accessories, bathroom fixtures and materials at manufacturers' prices
- layout plan for interior decoration and lighting fixtures
- customized drawings and sketches
- timeline for project implementation and financing in stages.

Contact our interior design and decoration specialists and we provide you with a complete and reliable service package at the highest professional level.

BREGNER Luxury & Lifestyle will help you turn your most daring ideas into a luxury reality!