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We offer luxury products from brands offered in the fields of jewellery, beauty & care, living and Gourmet. These are among the most successful and most popular brands in their respective industry. The high quality and perfected to the last detail products offer you a unique wellness experience for every sense.

Fine-made rings, necklaces and bracelets and other jewellery are creative, glamorous and ultra-modern unique designed by the most successful jewellers.

For every skin type and any skin texture numerous skin care treatment products offer an effective revitalization of the skin cells. Cosmetics with the most effective action were developed under strict guidelines and high production quality. The cosmetic and skin care agent are dermatologically tested and consisted of natural and essential oils. The fragrances of the leading brands are unique combinations of the choicest flavours.

Exclusive home accessories from the best designers give the living space a stylish and distinctive touch. The artistic perfections are hand-made unique pieces of precious metal. Each item is a designer luxury gem.

Our partners from gourmet offer an Exquisite experience for the taste buds and palate whether noble caviar or champagne senior - for every taste is catered to participate in excellent luxury experiences.