Frédérique Constant is a Swiss manufacturer of luxury wristwatches based in Plan-les-Ouates, Geneva. The company positions itself in the Accessible Luxury segment, with most of its watches selling at CHF 1'000-5'000. The company continues its annual 25% growth, doubling in size every three years. Each piece of Frederique Constant watches is hand-assembled, polished, and inspected by a watchmaker trained in Geneva or La Chaux-de-Fonds.

The Frederique Constant production facility in Geneva measures 3'200 square meters.

Frederique Constant is favored by such celebrities as American actresses Eva Longoria and Gwyneth Paltrow, famous Dutch model Miranda Slabber and celebrity international polo player Samir Suhag.

Founded in 1988 by Aletta and Peter Stas and driven by passion, Frederique Constant has grown into one of the larger Swiss watch manufacturers.

In 2001, Frederique Constant began the development of its first manufacture caliber in co-operation with the École d'Horlogerie de Genève and École d'Ingenieurs de Genève. The Heart Beat Manufacture has the characteristic bridge for the balance wheel on the front side of the caliber. Having the bridge for the balance wheel on the front side of the caliber made it possible to have the spiral and fine regulation on the front side as well, creating a much more appealing Heart Beat design. This construction was new - allowing Frederique Constant to obtain a patent.

In February 2007, Frederique Constant began production of the Silicon escapement wheel, first introduced to the industry by Patek Philippe in 2005. The company introduced the Heart Beat Calibre FC 935 Silicium in October 2007. It implements new high tech materials to create better, more precise and more reliable mechanical watches.

In 2008, Frederique Constant introduced its first Tourbillon Manufacture movement with Silicium (Silicon) Escapement Wheel. There are three main advantages compared to a regular escapement wheel:

-No oiling necessary
-Surface ultra-smooth
-Weight 1/5 of steel

As a result, the Frederique Constant Tourbillon has an amplitude of over 300 degrees in dial-up and dial-down positions. Even in the crown-down position, the amplitude is over 275 degrees, which is substantially better than the performance of other high-end tourbillons.

In 2009, Frederique Constant launched its second base manufacture caliber. Component rationalization and assembly efficiency were the top priorities for the development of this caliber. Various new technologies were incorporated. For the first time, a Swiss watch manufacturer introduced a watch with a manufacture caliber below Euro 2000 retail.

In 2015, the Frederique Constant introduced the "Horological Smartwatch", a smartwatch product with motion and sleep tracking functions that uses a secondary analog dial rather than a screen for its display – giving the timepiece a more classic look than other such devices.The lack of a display screen also provides a significant power savings – enabling a battery life of two years or more, in contrast with other smart watches that must be charged daily.This product line uses "MotionX" core technology licensed from the California-based company Fullpower Technologies, and was developed in a joint venture known as Manufacture Modules Technologies (MMT).

The Frederique Constant philosophy consists of three principles - design, quality and innovation. These watches are created to please both watch connoisseurs and novices alike with their beautiful designs, highest standards for technical precision and performance, and affordable price points.