In 1996, a jewelry collection was signed with a small ruby set on the inside of each piece for the first time. The collection was called Appassionata and together with its unusual signature, it marked the beginning of the history of the Roberto Coin brand; a brand driven by its founder’s passion for life and for art.

Every day, Roberto Coin’s fantasy is translated into reality by the hands of Italian craftsmen, guardians of the ancient traditions of jewelry masters. Their talent brings miniature works of art to life, giving each one a famous ruby signature and a story to tell to the world. Distinctive esthetics and experimental design make all of Roberto Coin’s jewels an unprecedented study in elegance and innovation. In a short time they’ve made the brand one of the best known on the international horizon of jewelry.

It didn’t take long for the worlds of fashion and film to become excited about Roberto Coin’s collections; they appear more and more frequently on the fashion and lifestyle pages of international luxury magazines and have had the honor of shining brightly on many red carpets. The press recognizes Roberto Coin as a pioneering spirit, the creator of some of the most interesting jewelry trends of the last decade.

New Barocco collection

The New Barocco collection is the modern reinterpretation of the Barocco line, historically one of the company’s greatest successes. Roberto Coin’s focus in this new array of creations is on the re-elaboration of the twisted thread technique that here, he takes to a new level of genius. Each New Barocco piece is entirely outlined in twisted gold thread, woven and shaped to create new artistic solutions. Sometimes gold is the absolute star of the show and sometimes white diamonds join the gold in a brilliant game of light and shadows. The world of design and fashion are charmed by the New Barocco collection – jewelry that combines excellent craftsmanship and technology with a contemporary style that’s conquered even the most demanding fashionistas.

Palazzo Ducale collection

The façades of the palaces in Venice seen as precious gowns, tailor made vestments, rich with symbolic ornaments. This was Roberto Coin’s vision when he began to design the Palazzo Ducale collection, the first ever to be inspired by the famous Venetian palace and its decorations. From marble to gold, the chiaroscuro effect that characterizes the façade of Palazzo Ducale is reinterpreted in these pieces with alternating black and white diamonds and polished and brushed gold. The four-petaled flower that is the essence of Gothic art in Venice is a recurring decoration in the jewels, as well.

The geometric, linear design together with the array of symbolic details that characterize the pieces, give the Palazzo Ducale collection an iconic, majestic air – reminiscent of the beauty of the façades that inspired the collection.